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Ozone is O3

Ozone is created when electrical energy breaks apart a oxygen molecule (O2) into two single O1 atoms. The free O1 atoms unite with other O2 molecules to form O3 (Ozone).

Ozone is an unstable molecule. The third oxygen atom combines with inorganic and organic molecules to destroy or change them through a process called oxidation.

In a spa, ozone will oxidize organic molecules such as:  viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast, oils, chloramines, etc

The Spa still needs either some chlorine or bromine for this oxidation process to work

Ozone is great for maintaining your spa water

 February 2, 2012
Feb 012012
We will discuss the life of ozone and the types of spa systems best designed for Spas or Hot Tubs

Ozone is a great addition to your spa. It works best in spas with small circulation pumps running 24/7. These small pumps only pull around 100 to 200 watts. They are used in high end spas like Sundance, Hot Springs and Dimension One Spas.

The life of ozone is around 20 minutes in an ideal conditions. If you have a basic spa with a pump that runs on 2 speeds (low for circulation and high for jets) you most likely are running the pump only 2 or 3 hours a day. This type of system (usually low cost spas or hot tubs) does not reap much benefit from an ozone system. It does help, but not the way a system that runs the pump 24/7 with ozone being introduced 24/7.

Ozone is introduced by an injection method into the spa or hot tub plumbing only when the pump is running.

Ozone is nice to have on a basic spa with a two speed pump running 2 or 3 hours a day, you still use less chlorine or bromine. A spa system with a 24/7 pump though, will use much less chlorine or bromine, because the ozone is being used constantly.

I will talk about other aspects of ozone in other posts


 February 1, 2012
Feb 012012
Professional Pool Maintenance protects your pool, maintains the value of your property and Free’s up your day to enjoy life!

Owning a home with a pool is a dream for most people. Apart from adding value to a property, a swimming pool offers many other benefits such as serving as an ideal entertainment hub for friends and family. In addition to taking a few leisurely laps in your swimming pool in the hot summer months, you can even indulge in some low-impact water exercises to get some workout without putting undue stress on your joints and muscles.

In fact, water aerobics are highly recommended for individuals who want to get a full body workout without straining their joints or a particular muscle group and having a pool can help you accomplish the same in the comfort of your own home. When not in the mood for exercising, you can simply float in the pool for complete relaxation. A pool not only adds to the resale value of a house but to its aesthetic value as well and turns the backyard into a truly special place.

Spas and Moore offers a efficient, reliable and cost-effective pool service allowing you to do other things with your time. Having a pool service maintenance company ensures your pool will not fall on bad times by not being maintained regularly, maintains the value of your property and Free’s up your time.

Pools really make a difference in making your backyard into a mini vacation place.

If you choose to do your own service the most important thing is to do it weekly. Don’t let it go. Buy your chemicals weekly if using liquid chlorine. Chlorine Tabs have a long shelf life, but liquid chlorine only has about a week in the summer. Heat and Sun reduce the strength of liquid chlorine. I will write more on this later.

The bottom line is to make sure the pool is cleaned once a week (at least) all year long. Fall months are the most demanding in terms of labor. Summer months are the most demanding in terms of chemicals. Just because you are not using your pool does not mean it does not need to be looked after. So remember to watch after your pool at least once a week



 February 1, 2012