There are so many lifts out there. I have simplified the choices.

We can get just about any lift, but it gets very confusing on the fine details between each lift. For instance. The Covermate III and the Cover Valet 400 are the same lift (basically). There really is no difference. The Cover Valet CV400 and CV250 are the same, just different gas pressures in the hydraulics. The CV400 has more pressure but can be used for any size spa cover (was designed for larger heavier covers) and the CV250 has less pressure (was designed for smaller lighter covers) but could do a large cover. Confusing (you bet!). So lets keep it simple


Covermate Freestyle

Covermate Freestyle

Cost with Installation $650

This cover lift is designed to be used with round and octagonal spas.

Note: This Cover Lift can be used on any spa shape. It needs 20 inches of clearance to the back and will work with any spa up to 36″ in height to top of spa lip, what the spa cover sits on.



Covermate 1

Covermate I

Cost with Installation $390

This cover lift is designed to be bolted to the side of a spa. Will work on most spa sidings (both wood and synthetic sidings). Fits about 90% of the spas out there.

This Lift will fit most spas. If you have large radius corners on skirt (over 10″) or other issues with certain spa models, then a special bracket will be needed. The cost of this bracket will be about (depends on which one) $80 extra. This should only be needed about 10% of the time. Very Simular to the Cover Genie.


Cover Valet CV400 and CV250

Cover Valet CV400/CV250

Cost with Installation $490

This Cover Lift is an upgrade to the Covermate I. The upgrade gives you hydraulic assist in opening the cover. Makes it much easier.
It has the same limitations that the Covermate I has and will fit about 90% of the spas out there.
Also it needs only 8″ of clearence for a 4 to 2 tapered spa cover in the rear.

Note: This Cover Lift is the same as the Covermate III. Also it comes in two models. CV250 (low gas pressure for smaller lighter covers) and CV400 (higher gas pressure for larger and heavier covers). If you install the CV400 on a small light cover the lift will automatically lift the cover unless you put a

small weight on the cover. So if in doubt error by buying the CV250 with the worst case being you need to put a little more effort to lift cover vs cover lifting by it self.

Can be mounted from side or top service of spa.



Cover Genie Cover Lift

Cover Genie

Cost with Installation $390

This cover lift is low cost and easy to use. The Cover Genie can be used with spas up to 8′ square with no larger than 10″ radius corners or 10″ cut corners.

The Cover Genie is very simular to the Covermate I. The Covermate I is a bit stronger in the mounting area. Both work just fine though. If my suppliers are out of one then I will just install the other.