Spa Repair, Spa Service, Hot Tub Repair, Hot Tub Service

Spa Repair/Hot Tub Repair

$110 Service Call

This is our Minimum Charge

Note: We charge a Service Call for spa repair, to cover our time to drive out, diagnose the problem and in some cases, Fix the Problem!

Spa Repair and  Hot Tub Repair. We are factory trained and have a vast amount of experience in All Aspects of Spa Repair and Hot Tub Repair. Including:

      • Pumps
      • Heaters
      • Controls
      • Plumbing
      • Jets
      • Leaks
      • Filters
      • Ozone
      • Inspections

Note: Spa Repairs – Hot Tub Repairs are quoted as “Parts and Labor”


Spa Cleaning/Hot Tub Cleaning

Spa Drain and Fill with Cleaning
$225 To $275 (Most Spas)

This service includes:

      • Drain Old Water
      • Scrub Spa
      • Clean Filter
      • Flush Plumbing
      • Clean Spa Cover
      • Fill Spa
      • Balance Chemicals

Note: We ask that the Spa Be Full of Water  for Spa Repair and Spa Cleanings.

Prices for Spa Cleaning:

      • $225 to $275 Depending on the condition of spa and amount of work needed
      • $225 if on our Monthly Maintenance Program
      • Large spas are extra (larger than 8 feet)

My recommendations are:  Spa Drain and Fill the water once a year if rarely used; every 6 months if used once or twice a week;  every 3 months if used 3 or 4 times a week; every month if used daily.


Spa Service/Hot Tub Service

Twice a Month Spa Service and Hot Tub Service
$70 to $90 a month (Most Spas)

The Spa Service and Hot Tub Service Includes:

      • Chemicals
      • Vacuum Spa
      • Brush Spa
      • Net Debris
      • Clean Cover
      • Remove Oils on Sides

Note: Large spas and Once a week spas are extra

Below are some great swimming pool and spa organizations:
-IPSSA – Independent Pool and Spa Service Association
-NSPF – National Swimming Pool Foundation
-CPSA – California Pool and Spa Association

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Also you can visit our Spa, Hot Tub and Pool Repair Technical Help Page for some quick answers to some common questions 🙂 (Tab on top of page on Menu Bar)